About Us

Who We Are


Binbok, a gaming electronic category brand, is based on good quality and considerate service so that every gamer can enjoy the fun of life.

The brand name comes from childhood playmates Bo and Bin. The founder of the brand, Mr. Ou, was a loyal game lover when he was a kid. In 2003, Mr. Ou, who was still in elementary school, met his first playmate in his life. When school was over, Mr. Ou always go to the arcade hall to enjoy the games with his best friend. The memories of childhood were rushed along with the sweat of summer and the beautiful clips of the arcade hall. However, the difference came quietly. Mr. Ou had to move out of the town because of his studies and his family. Ou on the train looked at the scenery of the town, and scenes of past events appeared before him. Mr. Ou hadn’t even had time to say goodbye to his friends, and regret stayed in Mr. Ou’s heart. Many years later, after completing his studies, Mr. Ou, after unremitting efforts, established a game company of his own, hoping to continue these childhood feelings through the game controllers.