"We all know the Joy-Con can drift but these Joy-Con alternatives from DOYOKY/BINBOK not only can't drift, they're far more accurate too!"

CTA - tech desk

"Had this joycon for about a month now and have been using them daily. Here are my thoughts."


"Os mostramos los Joy-con de Binbok compatibles con Nintendo Switch. Estos mandos tan versátiles se adaptan a cualquier modo de la consola sorprendentemente bien, y además, se les ha eliminado el joy-con drift."

Drip Media Gaming

"Best Joy Con Alternative?
In my continued search for the best joy con alternative i've seen some good and some bad."


"Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Killers! BINBOK Slim"


"BINBOK Nintendo Switch Controller - Honest Review"


"Looking for a little more grip on your Nintendo Switch? There's a whole lot of options out there that just straight up replace your Joy-Con with these big, meaty game pads. But there are some that are WAY better than others..."

Kevin Kenson

"The Nintendo Switch Joy Cons have always needed a size upgrade, there's a new 3rd Party Wireless one that is absolutely worth trying out."

Spawn Wave

"The search for good Ninendo Switch Joy-Con alternatives has been going on since the system released and the smaller controllers from Nintendo caused issues with cramping. Today I wanted to look at a new set of Joy-Con controllers that look to solve this issue without giving up most of the functionality."


"With extras like Turbo, Button Swap, and Macros, along with a comfortable design catering to medium-sized hands, the DOYOKY RGB controllers emerge as a compelling choice for gamers seeking quality accessories without a hefty price tag."