BINBOK VR Head Strap with 8000mAh Battery Pack for Oculus Quest 2

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BINBOK VR Head Strap with 8000mAh Battery Pack for Oculus Quest 2






26.20 × 18.20 × 5.90 cm




8000mAh Battery

A lightweight battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh can add 6-8 hours of use time to the QUEST 2.


Knob Adjustment

The length of the head strap can be adjusted through the knob on the head strap, and the length range from 7.1 inches to 8.7 inches is suitable for adults and children.


Easy to Wear

The head strap can be tilted upwards by 55°, making it easy to wear even with glasses.

Redefine the Immersive VR Experience

The ergonomic design realizes the front and rear balance of the Quest 2 and the head strap, and the TPU headrest and soft sponge strap provide better support for the head.

New Multifunctional Elite Head Strap

BINBOK VR upgrades the battery of the elite head strap to 8000mAh, extending the game time to 6-8 hours. The sponge strap and the headrest can provide good support, even if you play for a long time without discomfort.

Large Capacity Battery, Long Battery Life

The 8000mAh large-capacity battery can extend the use time of QUEST2 by 6-8 hours, allowing you to enjoy the game without worrying about battery life.

Redefine Immersion

It can increase the battery life of your headset, allowing you to enjoy the VR world anytime, anywhere.

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