Wireless RGB Joycon Controller for Switch-Black Slim

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It CAN’T work on Switch Lite.


[ 8 Colors LED Ring Light & 3 Different Modes ]: Well-designed Adjustable LED ring light of 8 deifferent colours. This is the COOLEST Joycon controller that you could buy on the market, plus 3 different light modes: Single Colour Mode, Color Swifting(Breathe) Mode and Rainbow mode
[ Ergonomic Non-Slip Design ]: With the innovative ergonomic design, our tailor-made pro controllers provide you with the special NON-SLIP PATTERNS and PARTICLES made by 3D engraving technology, plus the STREAMLINE COMFORT CURVE to bring you the most enjoyable gaming experience
[ 360° All Angle Joystick & Customized D-Pad ]: Our elite controllers use the enhanced ALL ANGLE JOY-STICK, which can track your operation 360° precisely. Also, we add a CUSTOMIZED D-PAD to our spit pad to create a more reasonable and comfortable button layout
[ Motion Control with Optimal Precision ]: With our EXCLUSIVE 6-AXIS CUSTOM GYRO, our controllers are able to track even the slightest movement. Whether it’s aiming a rifle or swinging a racket, this controller can reappear your movements most accurately
[ TURBO Burst-Fire & Dual Vibration ]: In the TURBO MODE, experience firing mutiple shots within one second, to get the advantage in a competitve game by firing much faseter than your competitors. Also, our custom DUAL SHOCK POWER MOTORS give you the most shocking and realistic experience.


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