Binbok Wireless RGB Joy Con Controller for Switch/Switch OLED (White&Gray)

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  • 【8 colors LED Ring Light & 3 Different Modes】: Well-designed Adjustable LED ring light of 8 different colors! This is the COOLEST joycon controller has 7-colors & rainbow LED light, plus 3 different light modes: Single Colour Mode, Breathing Color changing Mode and Rainbow mode on Left and Right Controllers.
  • 【Back Map Button】This wireless controller has back assign button (M) which can map one of button to the rectangle(3L/3R) button during using this joycon. You can set up one of the X/Y/A/B/Z/L…..button to map it on the rectangle button, making it easier to activate hard-to-reach buttons.
  • 【Turbo Function and Precise Motion Controls】Improve games accuracy and precision! This switch Joycon can customize turbo with any button to free players’ fingers and adjust the turbo speed to fit different games. Joypad controllers also built-in 6-Axis gyro motion controls to rapid start/stop motion without delay.
  • 【Dual vibration & Game Experience】Enjoy the action feelings! This switch Joycon controller equipped with adjustable dual vibration and give you 4-level precise vibration: 0%/30%/ 50%/75%/ 100%. Making you feel the real game experience and record all wonderful scenes by Screenshot.
  • 【Ergonomic&Non-Slip Design】Ergonomic hand – fit design with Lightweight materials make wired joycon controller game-time comfortable. Bigger button and joysticks avoid pressing other buttons by mistake. The back of joycon is designed with a special anti-skid pattern, which help increases friction and reduces the unpleasant experience caused by hand sweat.

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5 reviews for Binbok Wireless RGB Joy Con Controller for Switch/Switch OLED (White&Gray)

  1. 5 out of 5


    I watched a lot of reviews for this brand before deciding to pay my first true third party Joycon set. I have had a pair of hori-split for a couple years and this is a massive improvement. I can’t believe how much I missed rumble on the hori till I got this. I’m in love with the color and it sits so nicely on the switch oled. I also have the pro controller and I can’t lie I have had this one for a couple of hours and I prefer it astronomically over the switch pro controller. It feels phenominal holding these on the switch.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Nikiski Lake

    So far this controller is good, no problems, no drift, no anything negative about it so far. I’ve only had this for a day so far though, so it might change, but from other reviews I’ve seen, it seems like drift and other problems aren’t likely at all. The plastic feels really good and doesn’t feel cheap. The joysticks feel super nice and better than the official joy cons, the buttons feel decent. And the ergonomics of the controller feel really good, way better than the original joycons. I wish these would be licensed by Nintendo like the Hori Split Pad Pro because these are really good controllers. Only problem that is not that big of a deal is that the left joy con rumble feels a bit different than the right joy con rumble. It’s not annoying that much but it is noticeable. It might just be a little defect in the controller I got. Other than that, I would recommend highly. I will prolly use it more than the official joy cons.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Was on the fence about getting one of these but had to get them after I saw that they released this white version. As far as I’m aware these do seem to be the newest version and it also seems that they’ve fixed the dpad issue completely which I saw was mostly the biggest issue in other reviews. The dpad feels pretty smooth now, a bit less clicky than the pro controller but still clicky enough to not feel mushy. Everything else about the controller seems to match up with the positive reviews I’ve seen about it. Overall as of now these feel really great and I would definitely use them over my regular joycons.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Chris Weatherwax (verified owner)

    Much like the other comments I was on the fence about buying these as well. I watched many reviews and decided to pull the trigger as I was tired of Nintendo Joycons and drifting issues. The joycons work fantastically. They have all functionalities that I am looking for at half the price of Nintendo’s and no drift.

    For prospective buyers: I do find these just a bit to big for my hands. My recommendation is that if you are comfortable with the “Pro-Controller” size, that you try the “slim” model. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger this could be perfect for you!

    Aesthetically I thought the connecting piece to make the controllers 1 controller was a bit wider than I would like, but this is a small gripe. I will absolutely be ordering my 3rd pair with the carrying case. The standard cases aren’t compatible with the Binbok Joycons.

  5. 4 out of 5

    Ade Jaya (verified owner)

    The positive :
    1. the color so beautiful and nice especially with the RGB on the analog
    2. the grip quite nice to be held on handheld or even if you use as pro controller
    3. can manage the vibration level, have gyro
    4. The feel button on ABXY, DPAD, LR, ZLZR more better than the transparent one (as I used it before), it more silent and not that clicky, feel more better in this white version
    5. Support Nintendo Switch Sport

    The Negative:
    1. The quality of the paint of the color is very bad, I just use it for one month but the gold color on the DPAD wear off
    2. Because it is the white color, we don’t know when it will become yellowish for the analog, for now I cover it with the thumb grip from xbox controller fit to this analog
    3. I have big hand and use it for 2 hours make my hand feel sore, maybe you can try the slim one, and I hope they make another color and more improvement
    4. My Right joycon got very hard to put in the grip but the left one is easy, I dunno it is the quality or most of them like that
    5. The customer service very not friendly, and they ignore my PM on Facebook, so if you buy this especially from far country, you can think this twice

    overall : 8/10

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