BINBOK Wireless RGB Joycon Controller for Switch/Switch OLED-Transparent Discovery

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  • 【Flexible and Multiple Gameplay】 Easily choose from Wired Connection that attaches two Joypads to the switch console to use in handheld mode. Or Stable Wireless Connection that installs two pads on the frame to play as a whole switch controller, or departs one to share with your friends.
  • 【Super Cool Transparent & Colorful RGB】 All-inclusive transparent appearance on this switch Joycon, extremely eye-catching. Seven color light ring and three lighting modes of monochrome, breath, and rainbow for you to customize.
  • 【Dual Vibration & Turbo】No matter what kind of game you play, such as action game, shooting game, fighting game, or racing game, our wireless switch controllers provide you with realistic game feedback. The explosive T key can speed up your continuous shooting and improve the lethality.
  • 【Back M Button & 360°Precise Joystick】Adopt high-quality joystick and bigger M button, the switch joycon controllers make activation accurate and sensitive. X/Y/A/B/… keys can be mapped to the M BUTTON, which is more convenient to operate and makes it easier for you to win the game.
  • 【Motion Control & Ergonomics 】With the sophisticated 6-axis motion sensors, whether you aim at the rifle or swing, the switch controller can reproduce your action in the most timely and accurate way. The Joycons grip targeted streamlined design makes you feel full and comfortable.



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Dimensions 14.61 × 14.61 × 7.01 cm

3 reviews for BINBOK Wireless RGB Joycon Controller for Switch/Switch OLED-Transparent Discovery

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ross Robinson

    I’d rate these joycons 4.5 but I can’t give out halves. I hedge towards 5 here because my issue is very small and its the dpad’s right button which feels like it requires more force to register than it should’ve been designed to. Otherwise the joycons are pretty perfect. The buttons are quiet membranes which I prefer to tactile clicky ones. I have long hands and this grip works for them. The shell is clear plastic and is very smooth. The sticks feel great, the other buttons also feel great. The rumble is fine, it’s definitely worse than the rumble of 80$ joycons but honestly I don’t care. Pretty solid would recommend.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Andrew Hunt

    I’m always concerned when it comes to buying controllers from third-party manufacturers, especially those that I have not heard from before. But the price was right I figured it was worth the gamble.
    After extensive gaming sessions, I’m actually very impressed with Binbok controllers, and I would highly recommend for anybody who has medium to large hands and find the joy cons uncomfortable. People who have smaller hands, may find these controllers rather uncomfortable to use.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I bought these joycons somewhere in the middle of 2022 and I incredibly highly recommend them! I personally have notably small hands, which made me concerned the grip would be too large, but it actually feels quite nice using these anyways, a lot better than official controllers! The remapping function has come in handy many times, including after the R button broke out of my joycon from a particularly hard impact, and overall these controllers feel very nice to use. The turbo function is very convenient as well, especially if you play Animal Crossing or other games that require decently large amounts of repetitive button pressing. Very nice!

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