Binbok RGB Joycon+Binbok Carry Case

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1 review for Binbok RGB Joycon+Binbok Carry Case

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ross Welford

    Suffering with the relatively small nature of the original Nintendo joycons, I had to resort to using my pro controller but this unfortunately was not really viable when I was mobile and not connected to a TV. So, with the huge range of choice of replacement joycons available, why did I go with the Binbok? After seeing various reviews, I was really sold on the size of them and am happy to report that they are far superior and actually make playing the switch mobile a pleasure compared to how it used to be. The added bonus was the vibration, added gyro as well as being able to work when taken off the switch itself and when combined they become very similar in size to my pro controller. These RGB joycons have brought me a new appreciation of my Switch and I look forward to using them when I go on long car or plane journeys. Add the extra functionality of the additional mappable buttons on the rear of the units as well as the Turbo function, these joy cons really are fantastic and great value for money. I went for the RGB Clear Joycons (fat not slim) and think they’re perfect for those (like myself) who have larger hands and suffer when using the smaller original joycons.

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