Update driver program for Binbok Slim Joycon

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The version number of the upgrade package is not necessarily related to the factory version number.
The upgrade package is to fix some occasional bugs. If your joycon has no problems in use, there is no need to update it.

Don’t worry about the differences between these upgraded versions, there is no functional difference between them.

If there are any problems after the upgrade, please contact us at service@binbok.com.

Update driver program for Binbok Joycons full-size version can fix the problem on + and – buttons, deadzone, and some rumble problem.


1. Turn off the Joycon, open the update program on the computer, and plug the USB cable into the computer.

2. Hold the joysticks and plug the cable into the Joycon.

3. Click the Update Firmware button. Keep holding the L3 button until the update finish.

先把Joycon關機,在電腦上打開升級文件。按住搖桿,再插入已經連接上電腦的USB綫,進入升級模式。點擊Update Firmware等待升級完成。


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