Upgrade Driver Program for Switch 12.0.0 スイッチ12.0.0のドライバープログラム

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No need to provide real information, just provide an email address to receive emails.

This update program is only for this controller.


If your controller can not connect with the Switch console after upgraded to version 12.0.0, please download the driver program.

Please place an order, and you’ll get an email with the download button.



Plug the cable to connect the controller with your PC, open the update program, and press the X button, Y button and Home button at the same time. Please wait until the update complete.

ケーブルでコントローラーをPCに接続し、更新プログラムを開いて、Xボタン、Yボタン、ホームボタンを同時に押します。 更新が完了するまでお待ちください。


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