BINBOK VR Head Strap with Battery Pack for Meta Quest 2, 8000mAh Adjustable Elite Strap Compatible with Quest 2, Lightweight&Fast Charging Design VR Accessories

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  • STRONG BATTERY LIFE – The newly upgraded head strap with built-in 8000mAh large battery can add 6-8 hours of battery life to Meta Quest 2, bringing a more immersive VR experience.
  • EASY TO WEAR – The head strap can be adjusted for tightness through the knob on the back, and the hinge can be turned up 55°, so it can be easily worn by children, adults and people wearing glasses.
  • TPU HEADREST AND SPONGE STRAP – The headrest part is made of TPU material with a new hollow design, and the load-bearing strap is made of high-density sponge material. The combination of the two provides better support and better breathability for the head while achieving light weight.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND TOUGHNESS – The side straps are made of flexible, lightweight material that won’t break or deform easily. Remove the original head strap and gently buckle both sides of the strap to complete the installation.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The elite strap with battery pack weighs about 0.84 pounds, and achieves a better front-to-back balance with the 1.05-pound quest 2, which greatly reduces pressure on the face and brings a more comfortable gaming experience.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Extra hours for the Quest 2!

    Preparing the headset includes removing the facial interface, popping the original strap off the side arms, and pulling the original overhead strap out of the front pin.
    From there, snap in the rear brace (cup), feed the top padded strap through the brace and front pin, then snap on the side straps. Apply power under the battery using your original charger and cable, and allow the battery to charge.

    Like similar designs, this strap has a wheel at the back for adjustment. This wheel turns counter-clockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten. It doesn’t protrude much, about 5/16″ at its top/bottom shallow points, so you can still rest your head on a headrest if seated. However, that depth makes it a little harder to grab when you’ve worked up a sweat.

    One noticeable feature of this strap is that it seems to do its best to relax when it’s not on your head. This could prevent the kinds of breaks that other straps are known for, but the first time you remove it or set it down, you may be startled by the sound as the straps can slide in (but not out) when there’s no resistance.

    I was able to play for several hours without discomfort. The brace at the back fit to my head properly, and I preferred the overhead strap padding over the bare stock strap. The weight of the battery balances the headset.

    It’s easy to remove the headset, but it takes two hands. If you try to just pull it off, it may not last long.

    The battery functions are explained in the small Quick Start Guide. You do have choices about what gets charged (strap battery or with headset) but if you just turn it on when you’re using it, and off afterward, it operates the way you expect. The charge port is at the bottom of the battery pack, so you’ll have to be creative with how you rest the headset to both see the charging lights and avoid putting pressure on the charging cable.

    Like most (all?) battery straps, this strap does not have a hub for data passthrough, so you may prefer to use Air Link rather than Link cable for PCVR connections.

    Battery Life
    As a baseline, I fully charged my Quest 2 to Level 100 / Voltage 4400. I ran Evryway Visualiser with the proximity sensor turned off until the Quest 2 shut down. Total runtime: 2:15:45.

    My strap arrived with 3 of the 4 lights lit upon powering on. I charged it to full, then ran the headset until the pack exhausted its ability to charge the headset (the last light went out). This test was not timed, as the actual start capacity was unknown.

    From there, it took 7380mAh across 4.5 hr with the Quest 2 10W charger and cable to charge it to full. That charge capacity seems in line for an 8000 mAh battery.
    With the Quest 2 also charged to full, I again ran Visualiser. Runtime with the strap battery feeding the Quest 2 was 4:20:18. The Quest 2 then ran for an additional 2:09:54 until it shut down.

    Total runtime combined: 6:30:12. This may not reflect the runtime you’ll see, depending on the complexity of your games and the health of your internal battery. Visualiser was selected as something that would run with predictable demand without intervention.

    With great comfort and more than four hours extended (additional) battery life, this strap makes a great replacement for a stock Quest 2 strap.

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