BINBOK Switch Dock, Portable TV Docking Station for Switch, Charging Stand

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BINBOK Switch Dock, Portable TV Docking Station for Switch, Charging Stand






19.00 × 5.00 × 7.00 cm





This dock can switch between handheld and TV mode in seconds, by just pressing the button on the back of dock. And we suggest you that please use Switch AC adapter.



Keep the switch cool when you are charging or gaming. Your Switch will continuously stay at a normal/low temperature. Prevent your Switch from burning inside, keep the life of Switch.



It allows you playing games while charging. After connecting the dock adapter to the TV/projector with HDMI cable and charger plugged in (Please use Switch official power adapter), you can just go and play your game.

Multi-Port Available

This Switch TV dock has 1 HDMI port, 3 USB ports, 1 switch button, 1 USB-C input port, and 1 type-C output port. Connect it with HDMI output devices (TVs, computer monitors, laptops). 1 button to change mode between TV or handheld mode. 3 additional USB ports (1x USB 3.0; 2x USB 2.0) to connect with the USB controller or controller adapter as you need. It allows you to play in tabletop mode with multiple people.

One-Touch, Two Modes

Press the TV/Handheld Mode button at the back of the dock, you can choose Handheld Mode or TV Output Mode.

When you place the switch into the switch dock, please make sure that the switch is turned on and the screen is on so that the interface can be transferred to the TV successfully (without any cable).

How To Connect in two modes?

Step 1 Connect the dock and TV with HDMI cable and USB-C cable (Attention: Please use switch official AC adapter).

Step 2 Turn on the TV and make sure that the Switch is turned on and the screen is on. Put the Switch on the dock.

Step 3 Wait for about 5-10 seconds, the interface will be automatically displayed on the TV.

If you want to change TV mode to the desktop mode directly, just press the button.

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