DOYOKY Lumos Game Controller

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Technical Specifications






14.6 x 14.5 x 6.6 cm




Hall Effect Joystick

Utilizing Hall effect sensor joysticks to prevent controller drifting, enhances your gaming experience.

Added Side Light

In addition to the 7 LED colors on the front, it also includes an innovative side light for an enhanced experience.

6-Axis Gyro

Built-in 6-axis gyro motion controls, it can rapidly start/stop motion without delay.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hibi M.
Good for a few months

It was perfect at first but eventually the turbo for the d-pad started triggering on its own, making most games unplayable since most games use the d-pad for movement anyway. There was a way to undo it but it's only temporary

Hi! It might because you accidently turned on the turbo mode. Plesae hold the T button for a few seconds to turn it off.

Good for a couple of months.

The Bad:
Controller functioned perfectly for the two months I have had it. Then the d-pad’s down and left input started to fail. It would not register a normal press, you’d have to press very hard.

The controller itself feels like a cheap plastic, and the shoulder/trigger buttons leave much to be desired.

The Good:
Hall effect sticks (No/very little chance of ever getting stick drift), turbo (niche uses but nice to have), Rgb (I could do without but it’s preference), comfortable grip for medium to large hands. Can be wireless and has gyro controls.

Overall, I’d personally like a stripped down version of this controller without RGB, Turbo and with d-pad buttons from the original switch joycons instead of a pad. The d-pad seems to be the first point of failure, whereas buttons last longer. It could also stand to be made with better feeling materials.

Amazing Comfortable Joycons

Bought these as a replacement to my TOTK Switch OLED joycons that started causing me issues a month into owning the Switch. Do not regret it at all, these are absolutely amazing joycons. So comfortable and ergonomic I was starting to develop hand cramps with the switch joycons. The only thing I'd say is that the company would benefit from having some skinned variants of this controller. An Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Zelda variant of this controller would be incredible.

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