BINBOK GEMINI Feature Pro Controller-Black

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This $40 Switch Controller Surprised Me...

The Gemini is BinBok Play's latest controller for the Nintendo Switch. Whilst it's a fairly budget friendly controller at $40, it's still feature packed...

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Technical Specifications








Switch/ Bluetooth/ Wired USB-C

Button Layout

Switch Style

The Budget-Friendly BINBOK GEMINI Feature Pro Controller Lets You Customize to Your Heart's Content

IGN Global Studios

Hall Effect Joystick.

Non-contact hall effect joystick design provides exceptional durability, minimizing mechanical wear and ensuring a longer lifespan.

Switchable Double Rumble.

BINBOK GEMINI features switchable double rumbles to offer various vibration feedback experiences. You can seamlessly switch between these two modes to tailor your gaming experience.

Powered by BINBOK RGB.

With the new generation of light strips and breathing dynamic lighting technology, BINBOK GEMINI can create a more immersive and stylish gaming experience.

Macro Programmable Buttons

Offering greater control and enabling a personalized gaming style tailored to your preferences.

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