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BINBOK's Story

The brand name comes from childhood playmates Bo and Bin. The founder of the brand, Mr. Ou, was a loyal game lover when he was a kid. In 2003, Mr. Ou, who was still in elementary school, met his first playmate in his life. When school was over, Mr. Ou always go to the arcade hall to enjoy the games with his best friend. The memories of childhood were rushed along with the sweat of summer and the beautiful clips of the arcade hall. However, the difference came quietly. Mr. Ou had to move out of the town because of his studies and his family. Ou on the train looked at the scenery of the town, and scenes of past events appeared before him. Mr. Ou hadn’t even had time to say goodbye to his friends, and regret stayed in Mr. Ou’s heart. Many years later, after completing his studies, Mr. Ou, after unremitting efforts, established a game company of his own, hoping to continue these childhood feelings through the game controllers.

Born to game!

The power of game

Whether we're solving puzzles, exploring new environments, or battling against enemies, games offer a unique form of escapism that allows us to escape the stresses of everyday life and be inspired by the limitless possibilities of the virtual world.

What we proud of

Wireless RGB Joycon

Bigger buttons and joysticks combined with 8 colors LED Ring Light

Wireless Switch Pro Controller

the first-of-its-kind market controller featuring a revolutionary unique cracking process

Charging dock for oculus quest 2

Stable charging connection with magnetic suction design for independent VR headset and touch controller connection.

As a gaming electronic brand, we base on good quality and considerate service so that every gamer can enjoy the fun of life.

Ke — CMO

Outstanding products with exceptional brands

What we do

Superior product and service

We offer superior products and exceptional service. Our commitment to high-quality products and dedicated customer support sets us apart in the industry.

About us

Designed & developed in China

Expertly designed and developed in China, our products showcase the latest technologies and techniques. Our team strives to bring innovative and high-quality products to market, proudly bearing the 'Designed & developed in China' label.

Our Story


Born in China

BINBOK was originally founded by three university students in a dormitory. They all have a strong interest in technology and games and want to use their knowledge and skills to enhance the game experience.
Driven by interest and market promotion, they registered BINBOK and began to slowly realize their dreams in the gaming industry.

Growing up

RGB Joycon comes out

In 2020, we launched an RGB joycon, a revolutionary controller that offers a great feel, a customizable color, and a cool lighting effect. Our RGB joycon caught the eye of many media outlets and gamers who raved about it on platforms like Youtube. BINBOK quickly became a well-known name in the gaming industry and earned a loyal fan base.

Opportunities and Challenges

the Astonishing Cracking Process Controller

In 2021, we launched a game controller with a unique cracking process. It is a wireless controller that works with Switch and Switch Lite. It has a smooth surface coating and a rigorous inspection process. It also has a 6-axis motion sensor that enhances the gaming experience.Many fans and gamers have praised it as amazing and unparalleled.

Higher Goals

Explore More Fields

Originating from the game controller, we are committed to creating innovative, interesting, and diversified products for gamers. We have launched a variety of best-selling controllers in the market, and we are expanding the field of vision to VR and other fields. We strive to provide our customers with exciting and immersive gaming experiences.

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