"The Ultra Pro controller works with Switch, PC, Android and iOS, has 4 macro buttons with 2 on the back and 2 as extra bumpers, it has button swap, macro, turbo, RGB LEDs, no deadzone mode, gyro assist mode, hair trigger mode and so much more."

Drip Media Gaming

"The BINBOK Ultra Pro Controller is finally here and it's got some very very interesting new features i've NEVER seen in any other controller for the nintendo switch."

Kevin Kenson

"Today we're taking a look at the Binbok Ultra, a Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch and more systems with an enlarged grip and a heaping pile of special features built in. Let's go over everything it offers and how it handles!"


"A BINBOK enviou o Ultra Pro Controle pra review, um joystick multiplataforma para Nintendo Switch, Android, PC, Mac e iOS."

Mano Jobs


RoXolid Productions

"BINBOK has been busy for years making excellent third-party joy-con replacements, and in recent years they've also made full-fledge controllers. What we have here today is what they are calling the Ultra Pro controller, it has a number of unique features all under the hood."

Drip Media Gaming

"These are my top nintendo Switch Pro controllers of 2023."

Geração Smart

"ISSO SIM é um GAMEPAD para SWITCH e PC de RESPEITO! Binbok Ultra PRO"

Marc The Geek

"Here I unbox and share a look at the latest BINBOK switch controllers."


"Here we Xtract and unbox the BINBOK Ultra Pro Controller."

Recliner Gaming

“BINBOK Ultra Pro Controller for PC, Switch, and Smart Phones.”