DOYOKY Retro Game Controller-Black

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Gamecube Joy Cons for the Nintendo Switch have finally been released, and today we’re gonna look at the Doyoky Joy Cons from BINBOK.

From Kevin Kenson on YouTube

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Technical Specifications






18.80 × 13.00 × 7.50 cm




Interchangeable Thumbsticks

Provides replaceable thumbsticks, allowing you to switch the design of the joystick to suit your preferences and accommodate various types of games.

Charge Both Sides Together

We offer a USB-C middle piece that connects both Joycon sides, allowing you to charge them simultaneously. Additionally, this middle piece is compatible with other Joycons.

Larger D-pad & Larger A Button

The original design has been improved with larger shoulder buttons and D-pad, plus added some buttons for compatibility across more Nintendo Switch games.

Interchangeable Thumbsticks

Interchangeable Thumbsticks are provided, allowing you to switch the design of the joystick according to your preference to suit different types of games.

Larger D-pad

Redesigned D-Pad design in 2023, brings you the most reasonable and comfortable button layout.

Larger A Button

Classic GameCube design plus larger A button.

Charge Both Sides Together

We provide a middle piece with a USB-C interface to connect both sides of Joycon together, so you can charge both of them together. The middle piece also works on other Joycons.

Customer Reviews

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lifespan thats LIKE A FLY

i swear it only took 1-2 days for one of the joycons to just guve up on me (that being the left one) everything was so good before it stopped working, seriously how did this never happen to anyone else?

Hi there! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you require assistance, please contact our service via We would be happy to assist you further.

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