BINBOK EVO Game Controller-Crack Black

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Technical Specifications






16.50 × 12.50 × 6.50 cm




Upgraded lighting effects and cracked surfaces

BINBOK Evo controller has upgraded the surface material and crackle effect, making it feel more comfortable. It has also equipped with the upgraded version of the ambient light, and you can choose from four lighting effects.

ALPS Joystick

The ALPS joystick imported from Japan is used, and will stay tough through more than 2,000,000 rotations. The ALPS joystick has a delicate feel, good rebound and accurate data transmission, and can achieve more accurate pointing during gaming.

No Dead Zone Mode

After turning on the no-dead zone mode, the controller can respond after a slight flick of the joystick, which is used for FPS precise aiming and precise character movement, and solves the problem of cross adsorption.

Buttons and joysticks

The unique technology reduces the friction force, the joystick response is more sensitive, the viewing angle control is easier and it truly achieves Pixel-accurate response.

Turbo& Vibration

According to the game scene, realize a wealth of vibration options.
Abandon repetitive and boring operations and relieve the pressure of player operations.

Back Programmable Button

Use M1, M2, M button to program your own operation combo

Unique Surface Coating

The handle surface material and crack effect have been upgraded, making it more comfortable to grip.

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