BINBOK VR T3 Plus Head Strap for Oculus/Meta Quest 3

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Fixing the Two Biggest Problems with the Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 is an Amazing Device, but its poor "out-of-the-box" comfort and its high battery usage are two very big problems. We have found a product that fixes both of these issues, and we review it here.

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About this item

Technical Specifications






41.00 × 23.00 × 6.50 cm



Battery Capacity(single)




Dual magnetic charging dock realizes cyclic charging and power supply so that your Quest 3 will never have to worry about power outages.


The head strap with battery pack weighs about 0.85 lbs and achieves a better front-to-back balance with the 1.05 lbs Quest 3, which greatly reduces pressure on the face and brings a more comfortable gaming experience.


The head strap can be adjusted for tightness through the knob on the back, and the hinge can be turned up 180°, so it can be easily worn by children, adults, and people wearing glasses.

Magnetic Hot-Swap Battery Pack

Switch between lightweight and battery head strap.

Magnetic Charging Dock

The charging dock can charge two batteries simultaneously, allowing you to charge one while using the other.

Enhanced Flexible Side Straps

The tenacious material of the side straps can endure over 10,000 bends.

Hollowed Rear Brace

The rear brace with hollowed design not only reduces overall weight but also provides effective heat dissipation and breathability.

High-Density Memory Foam Strap

The top load-bearing strap providing a better fit to the contours of the head and evenly distributing and balancing the pressure from the front and back.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Frank van der Werff
Awesome and comfortable head strap

Best head strap around. Love the swapable battery.


It just works. It is very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The batteries that magnetically attach is very well designed and so far it hasn‘t failed on me. Really surprised at how well this unit was designed. Looking forward to future iterations.

Excellent Head strap!!

I recently experienced this head strap for the first time at a friends house. It was my first time using the current quest 3 device. I noticed how comfortable it was to use the quest, even with glasses on. I went on to buy the quest 3 for myself, and proceeded to try many brands of third-party head straps to improve over the much-maligned stock head strap, which, as most people claim is close to unusable. I tried kiwi and two different versions of the very popular BoboVR head straps. Unlike many reviewers, I disliked the BoboVR M3 halo style head strap. It feels like your head is in a plastic nutcracker. Putting excessive pressure on your forehead. I was hoping to like it for the sake that you can use it without the facial interface when using mixed reality. While that worked, it just wasn’t very comfortable at all and I wasn’t able to maintain sufficient focus on the digital content so I called my friend and asked which head strap he was using and he told me it is this Bimbok powered headset. As it complete solution , I think it is the best that I have tried. While the kiwi is comfortable, it is not as clever as the Bimbok in terms of its hot swappable dual battery system. The Bobo Mini is also pretty comfortable, but it isn’t better than the Binbok which allows the hot swappable battery.
So I will be sticking with this Binbok. It looks great. It’s easy to put on. The tightening mechanism works well. The headset is well balanced, and it provides plenty of continuous power when needed. You can also use it without the battery pack if you wanted to have a lighter set up. While this Binbok headset is not as popular as the BoboVR system, in my opinion I think it is a superior solution.
I highly recommend it!

Aj Jolivette
Endless VR with more comfort

The Oculus 3 is a huge leap into VR, and this strap plus battery setup actually makes it more comfortable and pretty much extends my time in VR maybe too long. Lol. It’s an unbelievable setup. I love it. Now I take it with me when I travel, which is a lot.

Hi there,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback on our BINBOK VR T3 Plus Head Strap for Oculus/Meta Quest 3! We are thrilled to hear that it has enhanced your VR experience and made it more comfortable. We understand that it can be hard to step away from VR once you have our strap on, but we're glad to know it has made your travels more enjoyable. We hope you continue to have endless VR adventures with our product!


Sangha Park
This will be the best choice for you

I have tried many different products, but I am very satisfied with the Binbok T3 product. Stylish design, stable performance. However, Binbok also produces some battery noise. I believe that empty stomachs will solve this problem.
I will actively recommend Binbok T3 to my friends.

Hi there, thank you for your positive review and for choosing BINBOK VR T3 Plus Head Strap! We're glad to hear that you are satisfied with the stylish design and stable performance of our product. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the battery noise and we will definitely take note of your suggestion to resolve it. Thank you for recommending BINBOK T3 to your friends, we really appreciate it. Have a great day!

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