BINBOK Ultra Pro Controller

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About this item

Technical specification

Experience Your Gaming Excellence with BINBOK's First Annual Flagship Pro Controller.






Switch/ PC/ iOS/ macOS/ Android/ Steam Deck


Switch/ 2.4G / Bluetooth/ Wired USB-C

Button Layout

Switch Style

Improved Ergonomics.

Crafted with advanced dual-color injection molding technology, it features an impressive laser-textured finish, which surface is highly durable and resistant to scratches, enhancing your gaming experience with exceptional tactile feedback.

4 Programmable Buttons.

Offering greater control and enabling a personalized gaming style tailored to your preferences.

Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons.

Execute moves with hyper-responsive actuation, featuring a cushioned touch and enhanced tactility for precise control.

Power by BINBOK RGB.

Dive into a world of greater immersion and personalize your gaming ambiance with BINBOK's 180-color RGB options and dynamic lighting effects.


6 Axis Somatosensory

Hall Effect Trigger

Interchangeable Thumbsticks


ABXY Button Presses

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